Criterion EÐLI2RB05(ms)

Criterion for Knowledge

Student should have acquired knowledge and understanding of: 

  • electric charge and electric power
  • electric field and voltage
  • current, resistance and wattage
  • the architecture of electrical circuits
  • the motion of waves and their nature
  • the variable nature of waves and their behaviour in matter
  • the behaviour of light as a wave and its reflection
  • sound and volume and the behaviour of sound waves in matter

Criterion for skills

Student should have aquired skills in:

  • applying the laws of electric engineering
  • applying equations of various kinds in solving projects
  • working with different units and see the connection between individual units
  • using vectors in electric engineering regarding the concept of electric fields
  • using drawings in solving projects to realise situations
  • working with electric- and voltmeters in circuitry
  • presenting the results of experiments in a clear fashion and interpret in a critical way
  • applying simple error calculations to the results of experiments and evaluating the  reliability of an experiment
  • seeing the correlation between waves in daily life and in different subjects
  • presenting the result of experiments in a well-defined manner

Criterion for competence

Student should be able to make practical use of the general knowledge and skills he has acquired to:

  • see how the laws of physics are absolute in certain circumstances
  • apply specific laws of physics in various circumstances
  • see the correlation between individual laws where the basic concepts of physics are applied
  • evaluate the disruption of environment in the harnessing of energy for daily life
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