Criterion EÐLI2AF05(ms)

Criterion for Knowledge

Student should have acquired knowledge and understanding of

  • the nature and role of physics as a scientifc subject
  • the usage of numerical data and the presentation of it
  • various concepts and the application of them in numerical calculations
  • movement along a straight line and the difference between speed and acceleration
  • the concept of vectors in relation to speed and force
  • the laws of mechanics and the application of them in explaining certain phenomena in nature
  • Earth's gravity and acceleration of free fall as a describing factor of it
  • the criterion of transition equilibrium
  • the difference between positive and negative force
  • the laws of the transition of energy and negative and positive work
  • pressure and its various units
  • Arkimedes' law and its meaning for aircraft and ships
  • the equivalence of energy and heat
  • the first law of thermodynamics
  • heat exchange and factors relating to it, including the equivalence of energy and heat and the gas law and its connection to variable pressure and temperature

Criterion for skills

Student should have aquired skills in: 

  • applying various concepts of physics to numerical calculations
  • conducting simple experiments and presenting the findings in a report form
  • applying the basic laws of physics to analyse and categorise physical phenonema
  • making use of concepts in physics to explain what occurs in nature in accorance to study elements 
  • using a drawing program to further explain the conduct of individual parts in practical experiments
  • using equipment businesslike in a laboratory so that experiments are conducted without a hitch

Criterion for competence

Student should be able to make practical use of the general knowledge and skills he has acquired to:

  • take a stand and argue his approach to current affairs in physics
  • use computers and statistical programs to measure and calculate elements in practical experiments
  • register observations in an organised manner, interpret findings and present graphically and in well readable and eloquent language
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