Critherion LAND2HL05(ms)

The students have gathered a general knowledge of

  • how maps have been used in showing location and distribution of various phenomenon.
  • the main issues of economic geography
  • chosen geopgraphical theories and models related to them.
  • what most has affected economic geopgraphical factors
  • how geographical information can be used for a global purpose
  • the main economic factors in Europe

The students have gained skills in

  • reading information from maps and interpreting it
  • use statistical information for map making
  • spot geographical issues in mass media
  • express themselves on geographical issues from the point of view of geography
  • work together on solving problems

Students have gained competence in

  • explain man's interplay with nature in the his search for a better standard of living
  • interpret, clarify and show an understanding of how man has utilised natural resources
  • apply critical thinking when reading about demanding issues, interpreting and processing
  • apply clear language in speech and writing
  • solve demanding assignments in collaboration with others
  • organise work on a small research assignment
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